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Ashay's Reading Lists
For your convenience I created two reading lists to help you with your book search. The books selected are chosen based on theme, content, illustration, availability and popularity.  Most of the books are already listed on this site.  Others are still on the waiting list waiting to be added.  (However if you are placing a purchase order and don't see the book you want listed, we can still order the book for you and put it on our temporary list.) Also please keep in mind that we now have over 600 plus books listed online and not all of them are included on Ashay's Reading Lists. 
We update these two lists at least twice a year.  Of course there are many excellent books that we may have missed so feel free to send us any titles that you think should we should consider.  Thanks again and please send your reccomendations to dday@ashaybythebay.com for review.  
      Ashay’s African American Reading List

        Download Ashay’s African American Reading List CLICK HERE 

      Ashay's Multi Cultural Reading List

      Download Ashay’s Multi-Cultural Reading List CLICK HERE