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Celebrate BLACK HISTORY MONTH and Focus On Educating Our Youth

The Choice is Ours!

For me, every month is Black History Month because I sell books that relate to our culture and history.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  When we look back in history at some of our great leaders like Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hamer and others, we see how brilliant and resilient they were.   So whatever, we are dealing with now including the "The Crisis In Black Education",  will be dealt with an unwavering commitment to achieve our goals.  Let's not let ignorance and racism shut us down we must continue moving forward. 

The state of black education has not changed much in the last several years and there are still great disparities.  Many black children (at all grade levels across the nation) are not getting the quality education they deserve.  Much is needed including more qualified instruction and better testing.  And the schools too, need more money for infra structure, salaries, educational materials and smaller classrooms.  We also know we need experienced leadership in D.C. to navigate this change.  

As parents and or concerned citizens, you can make your voice heard by volunteering with local organizations, and or the school PTA or School Board. It is imperative, the community and school administration see you present and your children will benefit from your support.

One last thought, while your children are young, make their education your top priority.  Remember education starts in the home and therefore you have an awesome responsibility.  The quality time you invest in their education will create mountains of economic joy and prosperity that will continue to multiply for generations.  So take a spin through our website, and locate the resources that will provide great literature that will bolster their reading and academic achievement.  Check out our Reading Lists for African American and Latin American - Bilingual Books, Homework Helpers for Kids and Homework Tips for Parents.  Also don't forget to make a purchase and enter Ashay's Sweepstakes Giveaway. You could win 1 of 3 African American Children's Libraries.  Ever forward backward never!

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