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May Madness and Social Distancing

May Madness and Social Distancing

Doing business as usual is no longer acceptable.  Ashay By The Bay has made the necessary adjustments and as you may have guessed, the focus is online.  Generally the month of May signals the start of summer outdoor festivals and events and a surge in school business.  But this year all that activity was non-existent.  Like other small businesses we also, lost sales due to school closures, social distancing and the COVID state of nation.  But our blessing, in our 20th Year Anniversary is that we were always an online store. And now we are being rediscovered by families and educators who want quality culturally relevant books in one place for their children.   

In addition to that we are doing more social media advertising and seeking more connections with other businesses. One new association, is, which is an online coupon company.  If you can't find our newest coupons on Ashay By The Bay, look for it on WeThrift.  Right now you can SAVE 10% more on most everything in the store with coupon code STAYSAFE. 

But there is more.  During April I started a GoFundMe Fundraiser, to raise money for Books for Kids and Families In Need.  My goal is to raise $75,000 for books to be given to identified students here in the Bay Area.  So far I have raised almost $3000, but I am still way behind in my fundraising.  So here is the link. If you find it in your heart to make a donation, I promise, you will make some children very happy. They will be given Ashay's Gift Cards and will spend the money only on books.

I hope you and your family are safe and well. I have faith that this pandemic too shall pass. We are still figuring it all out and looking for creative ways to reach our customers. One thing you can count on, we will be here and we appreciate your continued business, because together we are stronger. 



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