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A No Stress Literacy Event
An Ashay By The Bay Online Book Fair is a convenient method of fund raising.  Plus it is a great way to introduce youth to culturally relevant literature and its the perfect platform for fund raising for distance learners.  And any educator, school, youth program or organization can host a successful event by utilizing social media.  
How Does It Work
Our book fairs work well because we do all the work for you. You send us customers and we will give you a percentage of their sale.  The registration fee is only $45 and covers setting up the online listing. To get it started you need to plan your event 2 -3 weeks in advance. You can choose to run your event for either 15, 30 or 45 days.  Family, friends and supporters can purchase books for themselves and or they can choose to ship and donate them to their school. Your supporters can also take full advantage of our discounted book prices, online Reading Lists  and Gift Cards.  However, they cannot both support an online event and use other online coupons. Our online store allows for only one coupon code per order. 
How Do We Track Our Sales 
Your online event will be customized, with a Tracking Code that will help us track your orders and manage your event. This Tracking Code will be listed along with a description of your fundraiser in the Support A Book Fair link located online on the front page and top menu.  When your supporters place their orders, they will add your unique Tracking Code in the coupon section at the checkout. Their sales will automatically be added to your Book Fair Account and the customer will be credited an extra dollar.  If they spend $150, they will also qualify for FREE SHIPPING.
Book Fair Sales Management
Midway through your event we will review your Total Net Sales and send an update to the Event Coordinator which will include Sales, # of Orders etc.  On the last day of the event, we will match all orders and Total Net Sales again. Once we complete the paperwork, you will receive another update with Total Net Sales and Commissions.  After that your commission check will be mailed within 7 business days.  Due to our busy schedules, limited staff and sales volume, we will not be able to communicate online sales activity on a daily basis or manage your wish lists.  But we will offer support as needed.  
Ashay’s Sales Commission Plan  
$1 - $3999 Earns 10%
$4000 - $14,999 Earns 15%
The sale commission that can be earned is 10 to 15% on Net Sales.  Taxes and Shipping Costs are not included in the Net Sales.  Payouts at the 15% level will be paid 90% of the total sales commissions earned plus 10% in books. (These books can be selected from our online store and will be paid at the suggested retail price).  If Total Sales goes over $14,999, the 15% commission remains the same.  **Please keep in mind that offline school purchase orders cannot be added to book fair sales.  All purchases have to be made online.  
Commission Example: Total Sales = $10,000  15% Commission = $1500 
Your Payout = $1350 Cash and $150 in Books. 
Ashay by the Bay Book Fairs Promotion Kit
  • Online Wish List  
  • Online Listing 
  • Social Media Support
Registration Form
Download and complete the registration form and email to:
Once your event is confirmed we will provide a unique Tracking Code so that you can get started planning your event. If you have any questions  please call us at 1-844-543-7732    click here to download

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