Ashay's "NEW" 2023-2024 African American Baby - 3 / Pre-School Collection 58 Books $660.25 with 5% Discount!

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Ashay's AA Baby-3/Pre-School Collection

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Perfect Stories for Early Child Care Education

Allow 2-3 Weeks for Delivery.  To Order Now Call 1-844-543-7732

Pre-Schools or Day Care Homes and Care Givers Will Find A Great Selection for READ ALOUD and PLAY ACTIVITIES

Contents In This Collection:  33 Board Books + 25 Picture Books

Make Your Own Custom Collection: Book Additions and Deletions Can Be Made Upon Request for An Additional Charge.  Should A Title Be Out of Stock Indefinitely (OSI) We Will Replace with a Similar Theme and or Price 
*Please Allow 3 Weeks for Delivery UPS Ground Shipping Only (United States)

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