Daddy Why Am I Brown?

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Bedford Palmer ll (A) & Winda Mulyasari (ILT)

List price: $ 12.99 (Paperback - Prejudice & Racism - 2020)

USA Today Recommended: Antiracist Children’s BookJoy lives in a diverse world and comes from a multicultural family. It is only natural for her to have some questions. Join Joy as she learns how to describe skin color, and about how her skin color can tell her about where her family is from, but not really about who they are. “Daddy Why Am I Brown?” is meant to be a starter conversation on how kids can learn to talk about skin color in a way that is kind, thoughtful, and healthy. And in the process, they learn a little bit about how to understand the difference between race, ethnicity, and culture. (38 pgs) Ages: 4-8

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