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Reading for Their Life: Re)Building the Textual Lineages of African American Adolescent Males

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Alfred Tatum (A)

List Price: $26.25 (Paperback - Teaching Guide / African American Males - 2009)

Description: Because African American adolescent males are unique and face their own challenges, they must identify texts that mark their times and their lives. If we create opportunities for this to happen, they will not only begin to trust the texts, they will begin to trust us, too. Then maybe, we ll hear one of them say, Education is on our side, or, I used to keep it gutter, but now I am all good. This is my hope.

Alfred Tatum
It s not just about their literacy, says Alfred Tatum, it s about their lives. That s why no reading strategy, no literacy program, no remediation will close the achievement gap for adolescent African American males. That s why we will continue to fail our students, he writes, until reading instruction is anchored in meaningful texts that build academic and personal resiliency inside and outside school. (192 pgs)

Ashay says, "An school principal referred me to this book and soon as I reviewed it I got it. I think Alfred Tatum is brilliant. His book offers a proven way to reach and teach our African American males. In his book he has a list of books that are part of his textual lineages, including many of the classics such as The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Life of Frederick Douglass, Handbook for Boys and First Part Last and many more. I like his winning strategy and will do my best to include in my reading list and book collection his suggested titles. I know educators will appreciate his book too. Buy it today and teach!"

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